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A great way to combat dry skin, this beautiful and effective dehumidifier catches the eye through its charming design and bold colors. With its eco-friendly and whisper quiet operation, its great to use anywhere, with energy efficiency and a rapid humidification making it a pleasure to use.



Whether you like the Rabbit or Bear, or whichever of the three vibrant colors available for each design you pick, you will love the compact shape at just 155mmx70mmx76mm for the Rabbit, and 125mmx70mmx76mm for the Bear.

Whether in your home, car, office or anywhere else you may need it, this easy to use unit with auto-off controls for both steam and power provides a soothing action for dry skin on the face and body in complete safety. With its 7 color LED light, this wonderful humidifier can also be used as a fun, charming night-light, purifying the air and filling the room with a dreamy, relaxing light that sends you to sleep without a worry.

Easy to use, the humidifier is filled through a wide top, simply rotate the top to access it and add in water, it only takes 180ml so even filled this is never too heavy to carry. It can run for 5 hours on a full tank before the auto shutoff takes over for your safety, and the two modes are easily accessed. A single short press gives a continuous spray, a longer press, more than 1.5 seconds, turns on the beautiful LED light. Double press to set the color you want, or to set an ever-changing color rotation for a truly relaxing experience, the choice is yours.

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