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Bluetooth wireless Charger Speaker


This 4 in 1 device combining ultra high speed wireless charging and an impressive and powerful Bluetooth speaker provides the same amount of wireless power and wireless music. A curved design and sturdy, impact resistant ABS plastic ensures that this amazing 4 in 1 Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger will look good in any room or wherever you need it I will. The subtle curve shape keeps your phone stylish, but with two speakers for 15 W output, this is a Bluetooth speaker that delivers even more impressive output. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can have wirelessThanks to its twin coils, more powerful than the Samsung charger, this is one device living fast, name to name! You can also put the cell phone into the holder, but you can quickly charge 10W by checking that the cell phone is touching the charger somewhere in the shell. music that can connect it to your computer with deep bass and beautiful sound, from any Bluetooth enabled device you have in 10M range If you want a laptop or MP3 player. The choice is infinite, and this combination of charger and wireless speaker is one of the most versatile ones in today’s market. Awesome sound also requires a great look, and you will not be disappointed. Curved design looks nice and holds your phone perfectly and there is something that fulfills all tastes at the choice of color combination including black, silver, silver and black, silver and black.