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How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Remember when you were a child and people told you, you could be anything you wanted to be when you grew up?

How to help kids find their passion and inner peace

Every new human being comes with a hidden talent or some special skill – they just need the opportunity to discover what

How to unlearn Bad Habits

We’ve all done it, no one’s exempt. Yes, we’ve all developed habits as a way of life. Many habits are helpful, they

How to turn boredom from a problem into an opportunity

When we find time hanging heavy on our hands, we can feel discontented and restless. Many of us head for the fridge

Practical ways to find focus, calm, and joy from morning to evening. How to own your Everyday

Leaping out of bed and boldly embracing the new day may not be how we all start our morning. Yet, a positive

How to thrive and succeed when you choose to work for yourself

Taking the plunge into working for yourself can be daunting for some but it can represent an exciting challenge for others. First,

How to Embrace Self-doubt and Turn it into Positive Energy

Self-doubt can be the single most destructive vice that blocks you from achieving your life’s set objectives and success. But what if

How to Be a Good Parent

“Parenting is hard” that is what you will hear people saying. But is it really hard? This is a big question for

How to escape the 9 to 5, Create a Life You Love, and Still Pay the Bills

The year 2020 will forever be remembered. Unfortunately, not for good reasons! Hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost in this year.

Rules You Must Break to get Rich

The path to wealth may feel like a journey fraught with peril. Often it seems that no matter how hard you try